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Welcome to the Windsor Opera Hotel

A few steps away from the lively Grands Boulevards and the Garnier Opera House, in a neighbourhood renowned for its artists and antique dealers, its poets and artisans, discover a discreet street, so quiet that wild grass still grows up between the paving stones. Here, close to the theatres, restaurants and passageways, hides the Windsor Opera Hotel, a peaceful and elegant four-star boutique hotel where you will enjoy refuge after your day in Paris. It’s central location provides easy access to all the areas and emblematic places of the capital: wherever you go in the city, your trip by car or by public transport will never exceed 30 minutes!

Built in 1820, the Windsor Opera Hotel is so meticulously maintained that it seems to have escaped the effects of time. Regularly renovated, it is both a great testimony of the past and a great ambassador to the present, offering its guests a concentration of style and comfort. It is home to a majestic Eiffel glass roof, under which genuine aircraft parts have been cleverly converted into furniture. Upon entry, the Mirage fuselages, Jaguar aircraft components and Boeing windows invite you to journey to the heart of Paris and to enjoy the art of living each moment ...

Hôtel WIndsor Opéra
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